Unleash the creativity in your house

Who says art belong only to galleries? A bucket of slate paint (homedepot) and a few chalk sticks and your wall will be covered with a new collective art piece.

(paula martha)


(marie claire maison)

(Light locations)

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(chris connell)


(alan higgs architecture)

(inspire by design)

White inspired

It is snowing this morning on our connecticut garden. All the house is reflecting that white light. I wish the interior was white too.

(vogue living)

(elle deco france)

(Elle decor US)

(domino mag)

(gunkelman fesher)

(marie claire maison)
Gorgious hi-gloss white paint on the floor.

Beautiful country feel yet contemporary

(domino mag)

Mirroir oh mon mirroir

I received not one but two from my grand mother. Great selection at 1stdibs

(Tom Scheerer)

(New York Times)

(Ken Fulk design)

(Joseph Dirand)

(Domino mag)

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(Philipp Starck)

(Living etc)


Knit knit for home too

Knit away my friends, here are a few (long term) projects...






(conran shop)


In those cold winter months, we all need warm colors.


(Melanie Acevedo)

(Melanie Acevedo)

(Frank Roop)


Good old plank

Always believe in the instant gratification of wooden floor. Anything else is just details...

(Marie claire maison)

(Haynes Robert)

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From: Sybille

Grey is the new beige

Grey is warm , grey is cold, grey is modern, grey is contemporary. Grey is linen, the walls when they get old, the wood floor after lots of passage.
In Europe, there is entire paint palette devoted to grey (Flamant). Now, we have it at Restoration Hardware



(design sponge)

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FROM: Sybille

Looking through the window

Paris is crowed of new bars with the "fenetre d'atelier". Let's see how those would work at home.

(Laura Resen)

(Serena Eller)

(Steven Harris)

(Stephen Knollenberg)

(Seldorf Architect)

(Gilles Et Boissier)