Good old plank

Always believe in the instant gratification of wooden floor. Anything else is just details...

(Marie claire maison)

(Haynes Robert)

(Living Etc)


From: Sybille

Grey is the new beige

Grey is warm , grey is cold, grey is modern, grey is contemporary. Grey is linen, the walls when they get old, the wood floor after lots of passage.
In Europe, there is entire paint palette devoted to grey (Flamant). Now, we have it at Restoration Hardware



(design sponge)

(Living Etc)

FROM: Sybille

Looking through the window

Paris is crowed of new bars with the "fenetre d'atelier". Let's see how those would work at home.

(Laura Resen)

(Serena Eller)

(Steven Harris)

(Stephen Knollenberg)

(Seldorf Architect)

(Gilles Et Boissier)


Don't wear your furs, sit on them!
(Flea Market, Paris)

(Living etc)

(Halyard lounge)
(coup d'etat)


Back to the future

We both miss Europe, Old Europe, where the floor cracks and the windows do not close well. We also love the design trend that respect it. Isle Crawford who brought us the Soho House New York,  is a master in that tendance. She designed for the Dhillon Group two hotels, the Olde Bold Hotel  and the Crown Hill.  Grey is dominant in the public spaces which are furnished with mostly contemporary pieces.
Entrance to the Crown

The Bedrooms (see under) are monacal yet inviting. Again Grey is the major player. 

(all picture from the Dhilon Group)

FROM: Sybille



Pierre Guariche (1926-1995) is one of my favorite vintage designer. Blame it on my nationality, but I believe his design hold surprises, they have a strong personality and they give soul to any contemporary interior. They are the new french classics of the last century. Here is scounce used in a living room by Tory Golub.


After lots of black, a splash of color is necessary. And what a splash! Marilyn Minter did it again. Her last show at salon 94 was AMAZING. All the good stuff; colorful, sexy and decadent. The opposite of the previous posts. No restrain! 

FROM: Sybille  (thank you Alicia)

The sign

There´s no way I am not making even a tiny contribution to this venture... NOW.

Boy, three strikes and I am out if I don´t say anything. And so it is that I am making my first posting. Alright, I know this is not "true" blogging material, or is it? That´s the beauty, complete and utter freedom of expression.

I was ready to jump but what to do with no time on my hands? I just grabbed the first design magazine I found lying around (the fact that it dates May ´08 is a very, very bad sign!!) and I open it at random. That´s it, it will do.

Two chairs, back to back. Tasteful, simple, comfortable. Recycled, natural, timeless. It´s us! Can it get any better? It sure can. I visit the website and find out that this "hospitality furniture resides all over the world." Now, if that´s not a sign...

New Hotel in Mexico city

There is more to Mexico than beaches and tequila. To prove it, I want to introduce you to the very new hotel from Grupo Habita. Like its first seven hotels, this new venture is edgy yet confortable. Hotel Distrito Capital is a must see if you happen to be in this amazing city. 

Public spaces


 (photo © Adrien Dirand, courtesy of DISTRITO CAPITAL)