Black is back

Black is a non color but still it can be pretty powerful in any interiors that is looking to be funky, mysterious or extravagant. It is usually use as an accent color but sometimes a full wall can have a striking effect.

A black wall is a perfect frame to any art collection. It works especially well if the collection is made out of black & white photos. Notes the white table and the black candle sticks, great details that bring the concept in the third dimension.

(New York Times)
In a New York loft, the black wall shows off a traditional chandelier, giving it a contemporary touch. An oil based paint gives the column a soft glow.

(Interior Deign magazine)
Black as a backdrop to an interesting collection of antiques
Black can be amazing providing that the ceiling is high and the space is generous.

The natural element soften the black chalkboard, great for a home office space

(Studio Isle)
A striking glossy wall reflects the light from the side window

From: Sybille