The sign

There´s no way I am not making even a tiny contribution to this venture... NOW.

Boy, three strikes and I am out if I don´t say anything. And so it is that I am making my first posting. Alright, I know this is not "true" blogging material, or is it? That´s the beauty, complete and utter freedom of expression.

I was ready to jump but what to do with no time on my hands? I just grabbed the first design magazine I found lying around (the fact that it dates May ´08 is a very, very bad sign!!) and I open it at random. That´s it, it will do.

Two chairs, back to back. Tasteful, simple, comfortable. Recycled, natural, timeless. It´s us! Can it get any better? It sure can. I visit the website and find out that this "hospitality furniture resides all over the world." Now, if that´s not a sign...