A designer's darling

Serge Mouille is a French industrial designer that created a series a light fixture that are becoming today a classic of the 50s used intensively, and rightly so, by designers on both side of the Atlantic.
They started reproduction a few years ago and the new fixtures are impeccable.  You will always find them at gueridon in New York, and sometimes you may find antiques one on 1stdibs. They are incredible chameleons.

(Tori Golub)
White on white, as dining chandelier.

(Seldorff Architect)
Fabulous as a serie of ultra-sophisticated spot lights

(Russell Groves)
A vintage touch in is somewhat boring white cube

(David Netto)
perfect accent light for that art collection

(Kate Hume)
Discret reading light

(Joseph Dirand)
Subtile as a unique piece.

(pamplemousse design)
Finally, also usable as bed side reading light