Looking up

Ceiling scape defines the refinement of a space. It is the little touch that shows that the room has been designed as a whole and in every dimensions available to the designers. It is not something a client will insist on, but it is probably what will surprise him the most in term of the impact it has on the room.

(Faberge in Geneva bu Jaime Hayon)
Mirror, in the ceiling, really?

(Pierre Yavanovitch)
Pierre always works his ceiling, adding a subtle magical light.

(Pierre Yavanovitch)

(Stephanie Laporte)
The ceiling becomes a block that defines the room and hide the top of the curtains

(elle decor)
An intrigate landscape that attracts the eye

(elle deco France)
Subtle and gorgeous

(Javier Castilla)
nothing subtle here but rather a strong statement

(Interior Design)

(Interior Design)
The ceiling shows the direction of the circulation