Double dip

When designing a master bathroom, it seams that one of the main requirement is two separate sinks. For some reason, couples can and usually do share the same shower, the same toilet, the same bed but never the same sink. It is as of it were the only piece of real estate that should be kept separate. We love to indulge on that irrationality.

(Pierre Yavanovitch)
Two small sinks is that opulent bathroom. LOVE the curtain!

(Marie Mcgee Interiors)
A spacious double sink with an extra large mirror. Ah, the fireplace...

(Todd Yoggy)
Great use of blacks

(Rose Uniacke)
Wall hung double sink with an antiqued mirror

(Cote Paris)
French bathroom, with cement floor and fab lighting

(Vincent Van Duysen)
Custom made sink for that ultra minimalist space. Great treatment of natural light.