Modern ethnic

A world tour of diverse ethnic inspiration. I love a piece or two coming from a far far away galaxy that make me dream of past expeditions. (Note: Those pictures are a bit extreme, as always, less is more...)

(AD France)


(Living etc)

(Marie Claire Maison)




Finally sitting

I have a hard time finding elegant dining chair. Unfortunately, the only one I am always pleased with come from our not so far past, the 50s. Carlo De Carlo, student of Gio Ponti, designed  some of my favorites. Most of his pieces were edited by americans company. You can only find them t through antique dealer, at a price!



Joseph Christopherson is ceramist. Only twenty five years old and what a talent! I love the imperfection and the Girgio Morandi inspiration. All can be purchased directly from his studio.


Shining idea

The british designer Michael Anstassiades surfs on the gold wave that is taking the design world.

(all photos from Michael Anastassiades)


I like the decision to go with a variety of different chairs around large dining table, usually to archive the look of the flea market finds (and it can also be deliberate).

Living etc
A table that can easily seats 12 persons, all on a different chair

(elle deco UK)
Interesting melange of ultra contemporary with classics modern

(Amy Lau)
Love the opposition

(Living etc)
Same chair, different colors

A bit messy but full of life, I love the grey doors in the background.


Smoked and limed

I myself am a bit tired of those uniform dark wooden floor. They are overused and lifeless to me. So I would like to propose the new light floors coming from Europe, the smoked french oak. The smoking process enhance the character of the wood accentuating its tanin content. An additional process of liming the floor (adding a brush of white) soften the wood to give it a soft neutral grey finish. Those floors are spectacular.

Smoked oak floor

Smoked oak floor

Smoked oak ceiling

Smoked and limed oak wall and floor

Smoked and limed oak wall

Smoked and limed oak wall and floor

Smoked and limed oak wall 

Smoked and limed oak  floor


Mirror round

We love the current trend going on with those round mirrors. They frame the face, create a focal point and relate to objects from our past.

(Tori Golub)

(Tori Golub, Leroy Street Studio and a BDDW Mirror)

(Shawn Henderson)

(Pierre Yovanovitch)

(Elle Deco with an Herve Van der Straeten Mirror)

(Angela Free Interior with an antiqued mirror)

(Hudson Furniture custom bronze convex Mirror)


Pair of ottoman

A pair of ottoman fits anywhere and fill the purpose of additional seatings, side tables and graphic objects. 

(Annabelle Seldorf)

(Shawn Henderson)

(Shawn Henderson)

(Russel Groves)


Dare Studio

I just found this small collection from Dare Studio in England. All the pieces are done in solid walnut and solid oak. I really like the console piece with the custom color steel legs. The side tables with also their custom color legs could look great in black or a more daring purple. They can be purchased directly from the studio.


Art accumulation

There is something prolific and passional about an accumulation of frames. It says a lot about the taste and interest of the dweller without being ostentatious as the pieces are likely to be small and purchased on a whim.

(Frank Features)

(Glenn Gissler Design)

(Lazaro Rosa)

(Patrick Johannson)

(stephen Miller Siegel)