To continue on my stream of strong design decisions, I would like to propose the very classic chandelier, but this time, unleash all the hell and go for it ... really. Pair them, multiply them or oversize them, or all of it at the same time.

(Elle Deco)


(GV Interiors)

(Tom Dixon)

(Elle Deco)


Strong top

Not for the faint hearted. We like to develop a strong ceiling scape, with heavy interpretation from past. It gives a space a flavor, especially on very high ceiling.

(Studio Isle)

(Interior Design)

(Pierre Yavanovitch)

(Florence Lopez)

(Jonathan Adler)


Color Splash

Time to take risk! If lots of color is too scary, and you need that color splash to wake up your interiors, choose a piece of furniture, or one wall and just go for it...

(Cote Ouest)

(Cote Paris)

(Maison Francaise)

(Elle Deco)

(Studio Isle)


Morrocan Rugs

They are back to be big fad right again, but I don't think you can get over them. The Beno Ouarain carpets do keep it to the minimal, with an abstract pattern that works so well in any classically modern interiors. Hand woven from natural wool, they come only in three natural colors, beige, black and brown. They were loved by modernist architects in the beginning of the twentieth century and can be seen in projects by Le Corbusier, Frank Llyod Wright and the Eames! Follow the masters...

(Vogue Living)

(Ko Studio)

(Erin Martin Design)

(Elle deco France)

(Marie Claire Maison)


Christopher Come

Already well known by famous interior designers around the world, the furniture designer / artist Christopher Come doesn't stop to fascinate me with his approach to design, merging art deco inspiration to industrialism and perfect craft. Represented by Cristina Grajales Gallery in New York, he will also creates custom pieces, at a price...


Lindsey Adelman Studio

Seen at the ICFF, I always find those lights superb.  Each fixtures are made to order with hand-blown glass. They come in bronze, brass or nickel and they can be built on specifications. They are not cheap but they definitely are a statement and will, I believe, not lose their value  with time.