Around an Island

Great from family breakfast to cocktail party, for "aperitif" and kids homework, a kitchen island is the hub of the life at home. We always try to fit one in. Not always easy in the city when you need 3' all around. Sometimes it is worth not having any dining room at all and enlarge the kitchen to accomodate one of those, casual living at its best!

(Greenwich Builders)

(Joseph Dirand)

(Elle decor)

(Living Etc)

(Elle decor)

(Kelly Hoppen)

(Metropolitan Home)



Safari for your floor

For flooring, and to continue with my fur obsession, I would like to propose zebra skins. But not every zebra skin are created equal. Avoid the printed cow hide that you see everywhere, you really want the real stuff, direct from africa or nothing!

(Melanie Avededo)

(Todd Romano)

(Kelly Hoppen)



Art in kitchens and bathrooms

We love to move art from the living room to bathrooms and kitchens, two rooms that used to be seen as utilitarian but that are now really living spaces. 

(Rose Uniacke)
Art and accessories mixing in a simple composition

(Living etc)
Sexy and creative assemblage on  black background

(Elle Deco France)
Old fashion portrait warms that modern interior

Minimalist art addition

(Shawn Anderson)
Fresh colorful arts work great in bathrooms

(Guido Barbagelata)
White bathrooms are great background to B&W photo collection

(Sophie Segela)
Sophisticated elements transform that bathroom into a living room


small perfections

Caste Design, in Chicago, presents only original works done by Ty Best. Minimalism and natural elements in those furnitures that are anything but boring. These are pieces that will be classics for the next generation of collectors. If you don't happen to be in Chicago, visit their website which is frequently updated.

Inspired by the Olympic

Ok, this one is not in Whistler, but it is in my second favorite resort in the world, and this place is so damn beautiful you may not even hit the slope. It is modern, warm and of course, grey! And if you do ski, I can't imagine a better place to relax those muscles than around that pool...    Les Granges d'en Haut  , Chamonix, France!


Snow in New York, let's go skiing.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to find a ski resort like the one bellow in this side of the world?  The Fjall by Paul Hecker.

Double dip

When designing a master bathroom, it seams that one of the main requirement is two separate sinks. For some reason, couples can and usually do share the same shower, the same toilet, the same bed but never the same sink. It is as of it were the only piece of real estate that should be kept separate. We love to indulge on that irrationality.

(Pierre Yavanovitch)
Two small sinks is that opulent bathroom. LOVE the curtain!

(Marie Mcgee Interiors)
A spacious double sink with an extra large mirror. Ah, the fireplace...

(Todd Yoggy)
Great use of blacks

(Rose Uniacke)
Wall hung double sink with an antiqued mirror

(Cote Paris)
French bathroom, with cement floor and fab lighting

(Vincent Van Duysen)
Custom made sink for that ultra minimalist space. Great treatment of natural light.


Moldings in a contemporary interiors

Attracted by the minimalism of the 90s yet afraid of going too contemporary? you want to show you love of traditional parisian atmosphere but you want an updated look. Bring in the classic molding in the mix and keep the decor to an absolute minimal. You will create a sophisticate environment with a serene feel.

(Stephen Knollenberg)
Note that the art does not comply with the moldings rythm

(elle deco)
The custom fridge panel brings the molding in the kitchen too.

(Aaron Hom)
Traditional molding with contemporary furniture, softening the look

(joseph Dirand)
The king in the art of merging extreme minimalism and traditional molding

(Cherie Zucker)
New, rather opulent molding with minimal furniture.