One always assumes Paris is the capital of tradition and classism decor. True. But there is also the twist on tradition that happens now and then and becomes that stunning contemporary interior with a play with the past. The rule number one: respect the envelopment (Or re-create it), rule number two: start playing!

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(cote Paris)


Inspired by Adnet

As a following up from a previous post, I got inspired by the black and gold color scheme that Jacques Adnet revered. Its strong and bold and yet so trendy. Now gold comes back in lighting, plumbing fixtures, accessories and yes even in fabric. Takes you last trendy skirt and make a pillow out of it. (see Jcrew on Madison for the skirt)

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Curtains not so neutral

Curtains warm up a room, make it dressed up. I tend to be rather conventional with them, rarely using pattern but stripes. Very often it needs to pick up a color already present in the room and they looks great in white like the walls.
(Remi Tessier)

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A few options for handrails. I kind of think that for a floating stairs the best would be glass. 

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Floating in the air

Sophie, this one is for you.
Stairs that don't need any side supports, that potentially could be in the middle of a room.
And don't forget, since you are in Europe, there is not safety requirement! You can go skinny, steep or no handrails....

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Sofa, last one

 You need space, lots of space. You need a vision, a strong one. And then, maybe you can pull off the round sofa. See bellows of few successful rooms, and not always using the Kagan sofa!

(Pierre Yovanovitch)

(Elle deco France)

(Cherie Zicker)

(Vincente Wolf)

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(Yabu Pushenberg)


Classic 6

Now if you do want top comfort, best conversation and maximum seating, you will need to dig out the very classic sectional. It is not crazy creative but it get the job done and if you choose right (B&B italia, Living Divani or Paola Lenti among others), you may even get that contemporary look we are looking for and keep the warmth and comfort level desired. As always accessories will make it or break it so don't hesitate to mix in a few pillows, antiques and one or two chairs.  

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Very very long

To exploit a narrow long space or just extend the comfort of a living space, have fun with an endless sofa. You will not necessarily need facing seatings and still will be able to sit plenty of guest, in a casual, cocktail type of event. There is something gutsy with weird sizes and a long sofa has the advantage to be rather elegant.

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