suspended in the 70s

Ah the sweet 70s, listening to music with a join between the lips, slowly swinging in THE chair. Well this period is over, but welcome to the 10s, where cool is back, in a chic sort of way.

(Cherie Zucker)

(Kelly Hopper)

(Jeff Andrews)


(Studio Isle)


Dining lights in the living

I kind of like to use objects in the wrong space, it is called "Detournement". Chandeliers or any suspensions are intended above a dining table, or maybe an entrance. Now hovering above you living spaces, they give to the space the intimate feel of a dinner party.

(Gilles et Boissier)

(studio Isle)


(Haynes Roberts)

(Living Etc)


Curtain wall

Curtains are not always used to frame a window. We love to use a wall of curtain to soften a room, give it a texture and add some color. Here are a few examples that do not even need a window at all.

(Jaune Hayon)

(Studio Ko)

(Robert Brown)



Working home

In a perfect world, working home means no computer, no telephone and no printer. In that world, the office become that fabulous private/public space that the owner is no embarrassed to show off. Lots of art, nice lighting, books should take the stage. If such his your desire, technology has improved so much that you may be able to use just an iphone, and ipad and a wireless printer in the closet...

(Marie Claire Maison)

(Aero Studio)

(Messana O'Rorke)

(Tsao Mckown)

(Living etc)

(Studio Ko)


ICFF Top winner

It was again that exhausting time in New York, the design week. Created around the ICFF, it obliges each of us designers to run around  the city from one show to the other in a frantic search for the new new thing. And this year, a small team in Africa won the price, at least for me, of the top place to find fresh and perfectly executed design. Mabeo Furniture manufactures all its pieces in Botswana created by designer like Patricia Urquiola or Claesson Koivisto Rune. From these collaborations you get high end design with beautiful material and handycraft. Looking forward to see where they will go from there.

Their best piece. 
A beautiful extra long (140"!!) table 
Beautiful dark solid panga pango wood 
VERY reasonable price. 


Les Lalannes

Currently the musee d'arts decoratifs of Paris is showing a great retrospective on  the Lalanne couple. Poetic and surrealist, their art is on the final frontier between art and design. I am of course extremely  found of their furniture. The one piece that you can find rather easily, original, reproduced or inspired is the lamb stool.

The original one, Paul Kasmin Gallery)
France 70s

Lalanne inspire.

(Damish Danant)
Copy of Lalanne

(1stdibs, sold)
Whimsical variation

(Musee d'arts decroatifs, Paris)
That would be another option, for a very very large space...


Alison Berger

Alison is a modernist, the hand-on type. Her light fixtures are slightly scientific, firmly romantic and definitely purist. I love their sculptural aspect yet utilitarian. SHe has her work displayed at the Moma New York and the Design Museum New York.

This last picture is screen, like a jewelry...


Neutrals part II (airy)

Neutrals can also be used to create light and airy environments by using beiges, greys, whites and light blues. With a carefully edited choice of furniture and a limited selection of accessories, one can get a very calming  atmosphere.

(Russel Groves)

(Stephen Sills)

(Pierre Yovanovitch)

(desire to inspire)



Neutral part I (Warmth)

There is two ways to go neutral. These show the warm way, the use of rich dark neutral color. Deep chocolate, Bronze, gold and caramel creates inviting environment. The key is not to forget to add to the palette original design elements to push the envelope.

(Metropolitan Home)

(elle deco France)

(studio Ko)

(Shawn Henderson)

(Suzy Hoodless)

(Tsao Mckown)


The safari trend

I received a few question about the "safari trend" of a previous post and just wanted to clarify. I have to say, I tend to prefer the african trophy (legal, of course) for that purpose. You can find magnificent ones at Deyrolle in Paris.

(Desire to Inspire)


(Joseph Durant)


Modern where you don't expect it

I always check out the home collection from Anthropologie.  They always have great pieces for your country side house. They get inspired by the last trends in decor; the safari, the industrial, the belgian linen to name a few.