Not everybody chair, the Lady Chair

Sensual, rare and expensive. It had to come from Italia! I like it myself with a bit of gold, and maybe some pattern, Arflex re-issues it and you can always find them at antique dealers accross the country
Thank you Marco Zanuso!

(interior design)



If thought Baroque was taking over but then I discover Matin Gallery and I am back in the 80s and loving it.

Kirsten Coelho

Marie Torbensdatter

Christopher Kurtz

Edmund de Waal

Marie Torbensdatter


Serious Doors

Just went to the Boom Boom Room and just loved the door. What is it about my obsession on doors, I cannot say. Maybe I am attracted by the apparently mondain element that can be turned into works of art, the essence of interior architecture, nothing just is, but rather should be thought and designed.
Metal doors, brass, steel or combination are out of the ordinary and not for the faint hearted, but when successful, they rock! 

(The standard Hotel)

(from the movie I am Love)

(David Collins)

(Pierre Yavanovitch)


Dark Library

Every house should host a collection of books. And there is something magical when they take over a room. I'd like that room to be a cave where one can retreat. Openings not necessary as the book would act as windows to the world. A romantic version of the libraries one can find in castles and old houses, only of course with a "twist"

Narrow and studious, no compromise

 (Blee Sarah)
Burnt or black stained woodwork, Stunning!

A red touch! 

(Francois Murraciole)
Industrial, all in steel and fabulous out of scale lights

(Carter Tyberghein)
Clean and organized, the books are really decorative...