The most beautiful floor

Love it! Clean and calm. Very nordic and incredibly great quality. With those floors, you actually do not need funriture, the floor IS your furniture. See them at Dinesen.


It take some guts

A big move on the decorative aspect of a room is to cover the floor with a big, large, crazy carpet.
There is tons of option out there and they are always customizable.

(Cherie Zucker)

(the rug company)

(Pamplemousse design)



Gold craze

Old obsession of mine, gold objects that are modern and subtle...
Ceramic Coral Candlestick

Giavanna Ticciati

Giles Miller

Color Therapy

A little bit of colors as the winter is starting... What I love in those images in that the designers used not one color but rather a bold combination of two colors.

Amy Lau

Ny Space

Elle decor
Maison Francaise

Frank Roop


Pattern crazy on chairs, why not!

To continue into taking risk, chairs with crazy pattern are fabulously fun. And it is especially interesting when recycling old fabrics and pattern!


Madeline Weinrib

Madeline Weinrib

Marie Claire Maison



Ottoman art

Love to place an ottoman everywhere. These selection is a bit extreme but they are small and are definitely conversation pieces.
Christien Meindertsma

Forrest Myers

Giandia Blasco

Paola lenti

Peter Krafft


Turkish but not that ethnic

So now, we went beyond the ethnic trend. Designers are taking the ethnic wave to the next level by transforming the objects and yet keeping their soul and the humanity of their origin. Here is the work from Gypsy Maturin, that uses vintage Turkish kilim and adorned them with simple and powerful graphics.


Bed in the living

The other useless yet fabulous location for a day bed is the living room. It then become a rather uncomfortable sofa with no back but that allows the eye to look right through to see a view or some art. It allows the room to expend to the space beyond, yet give extra seating. In those example, there is the famous Barcelona day bed and the Jacques Adnet bed (see previous post)

NY Times
Remy Tessier

Eric Piaseki

Eric Piaseki



One extra bed

A furniture that is perfectly useless yet fabulous in every room, the day bed can be just really uncomfortable, to throw your clothe on, or the perfect reading chair, a moment of intimacy in one's own bedroom. Like the second bed, with a reading lamp and, in my case, a laptop...



Piet Boon
Ko Studio


Country casual

When furnishing a country house, I try to keep it casual, whimsical and inviting. I believe one can take some risk in a vacation place, with color (see bellow mustard and purple together), with lighting, art or accessories. At the same time those images show an uncluttered, minimal treatment of the space that allows for a lot of guest and an intimate family life in the same room.
Marcus Lawett

Marie Claire Maison


Fox Nahem

NY Times


A beauty

Designers Gijs Van Vaerenbergh have suspended a network of chains to create an upside-down dome inside this church in Leuven, Belgium and it is stunning.