Marble magic

When designing a bathroom, there is one important rule: as little variation on material as possible. Even better, just one material, used intensively. And as I always prefer white bathroom,s one of my favorite material would be marble, the white and grey version. Calacatta, Cervaiole, Venatino marbles, really any marble with white and grey works, as long as you respect the rule: as much as possible of it.

Pierre Yovanovitch

Tristan Auer

Christian Liaigre

David Collins

Pierre Yovanovitch


and Narrow ones.

Very important transition through the living space, a narrow corridor should never be boring. It is an opportunity to design through rhythm and repetition, as I said previously, like music. The advantage of a long and narrow space is that any variation, any subtlety get re-inforced by the space.

Made NY

Gilles et Boissier

Steven Learner Studio

Pierre Yavanovitch

Dirk Denison Arch

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Wood in bathroom (again)

Love it! Wood all over the bathroom. Not just floor but wall too. Minimalist, yet warm inviting and yes, livable. Just chose an accent wall, the one not exposed to humidity.

Elle Deco UK


MR architecture

Living Etc


Wide ones

When I was at school, a teacher told me to design a corridor like a piece of music. A place where one moves in the space and variations happen, pauses and accelerations. When designing a wide corridor, thinking of that advice makes me adding elements to the space: material, lighting or furniture that punctuate the travel.

Wood in bathroom

Wood is one of my favorite material. I can dip any project in wood. But then come the question, what about wood and water. Well, for me, no problem, as long as you are moderately caution, wooden floor in a bathroom is by no mean a no-no.

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Metropolitan Home

Domino Mag

Pierce Tynan


Gregory Philipps

Vincent van Duysen


Rock n' roll

Arik Levy, a french designer, rocks the design world. You will see a lot more from him in this blog, I just would like to start with his now iconic design, the meteors. See in Design Miami and now sold for $18,000 in 2008 at the design sales of Christies.