Zoo market

The trend of the time, both at the flea market and at the furniture show is the bestiary. I found all type of variation around the animal trophy. The skeleton, the papier mache, the sculpture, the skin, the fur. All these in huge size, accumulation, repetition or allegory. To a point of nausea. But I do believe that it is a trend that one can use, especially in an urban setting, to humanize in a deviated way an environment.


New Seating

Four trends I really enjoyed at the show
1. The curved sofas. The sofa that can work in spaces that have angles, curved windows etc. They also break the boxy lines of classic sofa.
2. The super small sofa. Easy for city living.
3. The colorful sofa. Tons of variety of color for casual living only.
4. The sewing lines. Great details. There are a lots of sofas with the options of the expressed sewing lines. I really appreciate that detail.


Base upon / Meaning

Always looking for new ways of dressing up those white walls, I just stambled upon that incredible set of artists based in London, Base upon, that creates beautiful surfaces using metal and resin. I really like the pieces that are more abstracts, specially the one based on maps and other geographical inspirations.


Living in Style Paris

I highly recommend the book that my cousin, architect in Paris, told me to buy. Caroline Sarkosy had few friends and clients open their apartment for our benefit.

Flea market Paris

In Paris, I ALWAYS pay a visit to my favorite vendors in the Marche Paul Bert. I found this time that the quality was high, the variety inspiring and the prices unfortunately rising. I don't know if I would recommend a shopping spree there but one as to agree that there is a glamour factor and an accumulation of choices impossible or match anywhere else.


Photographs by Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams, a mid-career artist, has an exhibition of photographs up for only a few more weeks at David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea. Although he does not have the "household name" like status of his contemporaries, he has a cult following - in terms of those that loyally continue to collect his work and the younger artists and photographers that are influenced by him. He studied in the early 1980s with other conceptual artists at the California Institute of the Arts under John Baldessari (who just had a spectacular survey at the Metropolitan Museum). His photographs seem to straddle between art, commercial and industrial photography happily defying any categorization. In this show, the works are self-reflective, in a way, especially the photo of the bisected camera, the light gauge and model and the picture of the dark room chemicals and equipment which are, on the surface, direct and documentary, but have layers of meaning after further observation. In my opinion, I see them as a possible reaction against digital photography both in subject matter and medium. In this time of the popularity of C-print (Chromogenic color prints), which most digital photographers are using these days, and whose conservation over long periods of time has been called into question, Williams uses archival pigment prints on cotton rag paper and gelatin silver prints in small editions which make them very unique in this age of digital photography. The color, texture and crispness of the images are quite stunning in person, and despite all meaning, they are beautiful to behold.


Start with a woah!

An entry needs to start strong. For two reasons: It is of course the first thing you see when you come home but also, you are no going to stay in that room so you can take risk, If you make it dark, it should be very dark. If it has art pieces, make sure they are stunning, or risky.  It is the room to do it.

Elle deco France


Pierre Yovanovitch


Brendan Kwinter


Small and beautiful

As New Yorker, like Parisiens, we know how small a kitchen can be. Small oblige designers for perfection, every inches needing to be thought after carefully to create a space that is fonctional and comfortable. I believe one should not line the walls of floor to ceiling cabinetry, but rather making the right selection, sometimes sacrifying utility to be sure the space is not just a kitchen but also a livable place.

Messana Architects

Living etc

Interiror Design


Cote Pairs


working in the city

A home office, in the city, is something rare and pure luxury and should be treated as such. Make it personal, from overloaded to minimal, make it comfortable, extra seating a plus, and make it full of light, natural if possible.

Aero Studio

Tristan Auer
Studio KO

Kate Hume


Elle deco US


Knit Two

The kinting trends is still full force. I especially like the works of the Korean Kwangho Lee ( now exposed at the Maison et Object show) and of  Christien Meindertsma. They are taking the opposite direction, one working with plastic the other one with organic wool, but strangely reach the same poetical metaphore of the man-made furniture, the use of an ancestral technic to create contemporary pieces.

Aurelie Mathigot

Kwangho Lee

Christien Meindertsma

Grannu Pudelskern

Ferm Living

Ferm Living