Absolute Luxury

If you have your Bikin and your bessace, if you dream perfection, if you get excited when you pass 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-HonorĂ© or 62th and madison, this is for you, just for you.

I could see it coming, from blogs to press, the Hermes were moving in that direction. We knew their plaids, their dinnerware and their accessories. Now we are going to dream looking at their furniture, fabrics, wallpaper and carpet. Just for Connoisseurs....

jean nouvel in Paris

Beauty is perfection in that table from Jean Nouvel. Limited serie, the length is customizable! Very narrow (33") it would look incredible an the infinite length... At the new parisian Gagosian location.


artntheapple: Photographs by Paolo Ventura

artntheapple: Photographs by Paolo Ventura: "I thought this would be a fun counterpoint to the Venetian photographs by Mona Kuhn which I discussed in a blog a few weeks ago. &nb..."


artntheapple: Sculptures by Venske and Spanle

artntheapple: Sculptures by Venske and Spanle: "A sculpture exhibition just opened at Margaret Thatcher Projects by the artists, Venske and Spanle, a German couple tha..."