Kips Bay 2011, a great millésime

A great pleasure this weekend. I did my annual visit to Kips Bay House Show. And for the first time, I was blown away. It is like seeing my blog in real life. All my favorites were there. From Philippe Hiquily to Alexandre Loge, from Mattia Bonneti to Jacques Adnet. And many more.

Even to Moroccan rugs, the Industrial chic, the colors etc.
So basically, enjoy the last floor, the stairs, the living room and a few other rooms.

The art was classic contemporary, not really ground breaking but always a pleasure and just the amount of paintings, photos and prints in one house is a reason to go to see the show. It is a much better experience than a museum or a gallery as you get to see the pieces in a residential setting.

But please, oh please, may next year show have a real, creative, interesting kitchen! That is a challenge I would love to tackle.