A new serie! What is a contemporary interiors?

A friend of mine asked me about our project and how to describe them. Do I have more than one style? What are the options? As I had already drank a glass or two (Clicquot,  because the summer finally came) I went to say, "well, really I work only in the contemporary realm of the interiors".

Then Clicquot helped me a bit and I could explain better.

The variations are limitless. So we have that natural contemporary house, the square contemporary loft, that soft contemporary pied a terre, that classy contemporary apartment, the edgy contemporary personal office and that classic contemporary financial office. And I talked also about the curated contemporary, the relaxed contemporary...

So if you think contemporary is that minimal and cold look of the 1990s, you are in for a few surprises in the next few postings.

To follow.