Modern IV: Minimal elegance

Attention, we are not talking about the 1990s minimalism that created those bachelors pad in New York City and London. The difficulty is to create the ultimate modern room that is warm and muscular. We are trying to create a space that feels good: tactile and intriguing while maintaining a strict modern aesthetic. The materials used create atmosphere and carries hidden messages. So we are working on designing an environment that looks good, is functional and feels good too.

Bismuth et Bismuth



mlk studio



Modern III: Luxurious Calm

That could be kind of a mix of both previous style. No clutter in those rooms but rather a careful mix of choices. There are a few pieces that gives the room character, and  antiquities are used as a composition. The"fil conducteur" or, if you prefer, a story helps  the designer to create a strongly articulated design. We avoid accumulation or over powering the senses.

Mark Cunnigham

Thad Hayes

Bismuth et Bismuth

Jean Louis Denior

Max Keen


Modern II: glamour modern

Very LA, a little bit New york. That trends is about mixing, with a complex appreciation of culture art and texture. The theory is that complexity attracts and holds your interest in a room. It is a celebration of diversity. The more expansive the mix, the better. It shows enthusiasm to the material objects with a danger to extreme accumulation. Kelly Wearstler is the queen of that style.


Lonny Mag

Kips Bay Richard Mishaan

Elle deco

Roman and William


Modern I: Raw ingredient

Modernist interior always comes in mind as a cold and rather unpleasant environment. Usually, we think minimalist, not really in touch with our senses. I believe it can be very different. I like to use  a wide variety of pure material, used in the way nature created them, i.e. the planks as wide as a trunk, a slab of stone with strong heavy presence, raw steel, burnished bronze that lived. Human being needs to connect to their space with their senses, and raw modernism does just that.

Cote Sud

Elle deco

Joe Schmelzer

Cote Sud

Lonny Mag