The white world of Stephen Antonson

"You can sculpt it, paint it, color it, tint it, sand it, even carved it". This is plaster according to Stephen. And it does it all. Not so much the color part and more the shaping it into fabulous invention of his, with whimsical and delightful shapes that become useful objects. He is the darling of new York interior designers as he will go the extra length for your custom piece. So contact him and let your imagination run wild with him.


Martin Scekely at Pompidou

Martin Scekely has a great retrospective a the Centre Pompidou this winter. 
As a designer Szekely has two different focuses: designing furniture and objects for museums, private collectors and manufacturers, and working on major industrial projects. Pieces by Martin Szekely belong to the permanent collections of the world’s major museums, including the Centre Georges Pompidou and Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Szekely, who enjoys rethinking the concept of each object, has a special talent for working with imposing industrial constraints. Very careful to respect technical specifications, he works with materials as diverse as carbon fiber, crystal, Corian, silver, resin and wood. For his works fo to Gallerie Kreo.

I also loved his work for Christofle.


Holidays tables

Enjoy your time, make it design, welcoming, warm and orginal!

(photos from french magazine over the years...)


Dream gold, again

Designed by famed surrealist meret oppenheim in 1939 and red-edited by gavina in 1971, the traccia side table has imprinted footprints on a gold leaf (or platinum) top; the bottom of the table is painted gold or platinum. the base is polished cast bronze. this table is a personal favorite. like ms. oppenheim's most famous work "le dejeuner en fourrure", there really is nothing quite like it. traccia can be translated as footprint- like those of the fabulous bird walking across the surface of the table.
Find it in the antique dealer or re-edited by Gavina


Animal Design - Tre Pezzi Wool from Cassina

You should know by now that I would kill for this chair:
Cassina limited edition 2011

Mattia Bonetti recaps

I showed a lot of his work in the past, I just wanted to recap all the beautiful furniture that I posted and add some more for your eye only.

Swiss-born and Paris-based, Mattia Bonetti creates highly imaginative art design. His work is a showcase of "balance of exuberance and rigor" which is exactly what I believe a well curated interior should be.

Bonetti juxtaposes traditional bronze, gold leaf, wrought iron, and blown glass techniques with resin, acrylic, and mirrored stainless steel technologies to form expertly crafted objects that are a pleasure to use and behold.

Gallery Paul Kasmin
Gallerie Italienne


Wooden in the bathroom

It is not only original but also warm, inviting a very precious. And it works! People do no think of wood as a watertight material but wood has been used in boat forever. For the look go to Rapsel and Agape.


John Dickinson does not get old.

John Dickinson (1920-82), a Californian decorator, is famous for his tables, his animalistic approach and the use of plaster. You have seen them, they are iconic and they are now avidly searched by collectors. You can find them on 1stdibs and on regularly in auction houses but they are rather expensive as they are now in the collections of leading museums in the United States. (SFmoma had a retrospective in 2004).


Heavy yet aery

The London based studio  Benjamin Hubert was founded shortly afterwards in 2007 and specialises in industrial design across furniture and lighting sectors working with international manufacturers across Europe and Asia. The studio works on a diverse range of projects including both mass/batch produced consumer products and limited edition/one offs. Benjamin Hubert has received international critical and media acclaim and has been exhibited internationally.


un-urban kitchen

I lived in cities all my life. From Paris to London, From Sao Paulo to New York. I am a city girl and naturally my design reflects on those experiences. Yet, I believe one always needs counterbalance to that highly energetic, cultural, social life to find a personal retreat. We called ours "the cave". The one main activity there is to cook. To cook for one, to cook for a group of person, the result is this warm inviting moments of pure intimacy and simplicity.

Here are a few example of the right set of cook/friend/simple gathering places. Not minimalist, yet controlled, those spaces are not afraid of material, they charged in contrast and references.