artntheapple: Group Show - Greater L.A.

artntheapple: Group Show - Greater L.A.: "I don't know if it was just the humidity that was getting to me or the very unpleasant moment of Time-Square crowdedness that had descended ..."

A new serie! What is a contemporary interiors?

A friend of mine asked me about our project and how to describe them. Do I have more than one style? What are the options? As I had already drank a glass or two (Clicquot,  because the summer finally came) I went to say, "well, really I work only in the contemporary realm of the interiors".

Then Clicquot helped me a bit and I could explain better.

The variations are limitless. So we have that natural contemporary house, the square contemporary loft, that soft contemporary pied a terre, that classy contemporary apartment, the edgy contemporary personal office and that classic contemporary financial office. And I talked also about the curated contemporary, the relaxed contemporary...

So if you think contemporary is that minimal and cold look of the 1990s, you are in for a few surprises in the next few postings.

To follow.

artntheapple: Photographs by Rinko Kawauchi

artntheapple: Photographs by Rinko Kawauchi: "I have issues with art exhibitions in stores, especially high-end ones on Madison Avenue. I really do not like the blurring of line..."


made of steel

I had dinner at the Mercer last night and enjoyed (again) those steel windows. Done By Christian Liaigre 10 years ago, they are the darling of interior designers and found their way to many other hotels and home. But one does not get tired of such a classic element. Plus they are built to last generations.

Pas Partoe

Russell Grove

Tony Chi

Serena Eller Vainicher


Console play

The art of composing a wall is a great moment in my work. A large piece of furniture, arts, repetition, objects, lights and then, a bit of inspiration to put it together, et voila....



interior design

Jean Louis Deniot

Elle deco


From Milan, Restart

Very simple design are usually the signature of the best. Restart, a small italian editor, just re-issue the bare lamps from Achille Castiglioni. Awire, a brass tube and cute little light switch, that all there is to it, but those lamps can find their place in a lot of projects.


artntheapple: Paintings by Damian Loeb

artntheapple: Paintings by Damian Loeb: "There is an exhibition of photorealist paintings by self-taught Damian Loeb up until mid June at Acquavella. I have been following hi..."


Joris laarman loves bone

Graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Laarman has an impressive body of works using cast aluminum, Resign and molded marble. He uses computer software but his result are emotional yet inspired by a rational process, biology and the anatomy are clearly the muses here.


Laurence Montano, luxury custom

Laurence Montano was a master a plaster and now his using his knowledge of master furniture makers to create custom piece for his client, using bronze as a raw material, that gives to the piece a human, scalable feel. I am very found of his classical and severe line and the his commitment to this unique pieces is admirable. His pieces are collected by the Mobilier National de France



Kips Bay 2011, a great mill├ęsime

A great pleasure this weekend. I did my annual visit to Kips Bay House Show. And for the first time, I was blown away. It is like seeing my blog in real life. All my favorites were there. From Philippe Hiquily to Alexandre Loge, from Mattia Bonneti to Jacques Adnet. And many more.

Even to Moroccan rugs, the Industrial chic, the colors etc.
So basically, enjoy the last floor, the stairs, the living room and a few other rooms.

The art was classic contemporary, not really ground breaking but always a pleasure and just the amount of paintings, photos and prints in one house is a reason to go to see the show. It is a much better experience than a museum or a gallery as you get to see the pieces in a residential setting.

But please, oh please, may next year show have a real, creative, interesting kitchen! That is a challenge I would love to tackle.


really cool kitchen

If you desire a kitchen that does not look like it came on a container from Italia, that breaks the rule and has its own personality, then through away your catalog, and trust your architect. There are many other way to cook than the cookie cutter top and bottom cabinet with lacquer. Shake it up! (and yes, I would have like to find better examples, but God is in the detail and take your time, there are details in those kitchens!)

Herst Architects

Isle Ctawford

MCK Architects

Jane Kim Design

Osea Kitchen

Max Ingrand: the present in our past

Those voluptuous, futuristic, and industrial-chic lines of this work look positively 2011, although its design is 40 years old. Designer Max Ingrand (1908-1969) created furniture and home accessories that were forward-thinking for his time but today evoke a sense of timelessness in terms of classic 20th century design.


Bravo Michael Pohu

I am impressed, Michael Pohu works exclusively  with steel and his pieces are elegant and delicate. He is not afraid to work with less is bore, but his references are definitely  modernist. Gallerie Mougin, again.