Modern VIII: Charactere

Those are the interior space of the interior designers. They are not space we want to provide to a client. They tell a story about the designer and the designer alone. They are fun to watch, creative, inspiring and usually tailored to one person only.

Brad Ford (for kips bay)

Pas Partoe


Pol Theis

Amy Lau (kips bay)


MODERN VII: exotic!

Travel is the the underlying story that informs every choices for this style. Culture mixes with the appropriate restrain. The material, the shape and the colors can be all part of the geographical displacement or just one strong element that gives all the charactere to the space. The client's story or the local environment is respected and elevated.

Living Agency

Elle deco

marie claire maison

Lonny Mag

Elle decor


Modern VI: Classic and Modern Mix

That is the typical european style. Taking advantage of historical references, the environment is hardly touched. The moldings, the high ceiling, the windows and all other references to the past are preciously respected and then you throw in a few modern pieces. The client connects easily to the space through those references. The styles are juxtaposed in the same room and, as with any kind of mixing, it is simply a question a proportion, maintaining the proper scale and keeping colors and materials sympathic.

House and Garden

AD spain

Gilles & Boissier

Living etc

Steven Volpe


Modern V: Curated space

We touched on this style several times on this blog. The client is a passionate collector, he has a great art collection that he wants to pair with a design collection. We provide him with modernist antique, contemporary piece or even traditional furniture and sculpture. This a a long a patient work of curating a space and avoiding to create a museum. The result should be livable, sometimes breaking the rule and above all comfortable.

Interior design : Mid century danish/american

Interior design: Mid century french

Ideat: Modernist

Ideat: French modern

Elle decor: Design XXeme

NY Space: classicals