Jacques Jarrige curves

To appreciate furniture, I usually focus on material or shape but with Jarrige,  I enjoy the treatment of the negative spaces created by the moving forms of his furniture/sculptures.


Lighting according to Mattia Bonetti

No limit to his creativity. From bronze to stone, Mattia Bonetti continues to expore all materials and shapes to  create lightings that are fun, pure and imaginative.




I like when a project seems effortless. When using the classic black and white contrast, one can archive this simple yet sophisticate look that brings the air and the earth in mind, the icelandic beauty and roughness.


Ceramic passion IV : Kayoko HOSHINO

Hoshino medium is an unusual blend of several types of clay, most predominantly the pebbly material from Shigaraki. Cut from wedges, her forms are deceptively simple, with the feel of ancient ceramics, but are also possess a distinctly modern sense of balance.


Ceramic passion III : Young Mi Kim

Some of the vessels by Catskills artist Young Mi Kim, fired either in a traditional Japanese style wood-fired Anagama kiln or a modern one, are reminiscent of fine paper lanterns. 


Ceramic passion II : Colleen Carlson

Colleen Carlson has won numerous awards for her woven sculptures that use various elements to create a ‘form & fashion’ inspired collection.


Ceramic passion I : Shizue Imai

Shizue Imai is a master at transforming clay into earthy and modern sculptures that have an ancient feel.  Despite the rustic, natural elements to her work, each piece maintains classical elegance.


Snow Global

Love, love, love these ‘snow globes‘ by UK designer, Neil Conley.  Eerily beautiful with a powerful message.  Think about it:
“A series of snow globes created in response to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, 2010.
Shaped by a number of key principles, the snow globes embody the throw-away, novel plastic gifts that have become one of the oil industries many parasites – Whilst in the same breath, act as a warped preservation of the wildlife affected by the spill and its inherent beauty.”


Big mega block of stone

One simple large stone sculpted into a sink. Strong element in a simple space, it is a great trick for a powder room.


Safarti on display

Gino Sarfati is one of those designers that inspires as his designs are still so modern and current. Those variations around the light globe are just so simple and casual, perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication.


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Martin Scekely in real life

Szekely believes that objects aimed at the largest possible market - everyday objects that you barely notice - possess a 'power'. In both branches of his work he has been on a 15-year quest to achieve a kind of creative purity - pure functionality. 'My aim is to achieve an economy in the result that can't even be defined as minimalist,' he explains. 'It's something commonplace.'

His furniture / art are compelling in their simplicity, extreme refinement and yet their perfect usability. I love to to see them in real life setting.


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Intense bathrooms. The detailings are elaborate, very art deco inspired, and extreme glamour. I think I can get inspired in that direction. The balance of the light bouncing around with some warm material could be really successful, I can't wait to try that!