Bruno Romeda, from sculpture to funriture

For many years, Bruno Romeda, who was born in Italy, has focused on the most simple, absolute geometric shapes - the square, the circle, and the triangle. From time to time, he will undertake variations on his chosen repertory of shapes - a circle warps into an ellipse or is truncated to an arc; a square is stretched out into a long rectangle. He extended his work with furniture, edited by Holly Hunt, that works like a piece of art.


Steel in the kitchen

A window, a door or even just a cabinet made of thin profile steel gives a soul to those kitchens. It create a fake separation, the light comes through and the eye also. Only for very tidy person.

Love it!

Elle deco Italia

Jean Louis Deniot


Shareen Joel


Costas Coulentianos, Classical Greek unleashed

Costas Coulentianos is one of the most respected and accepted 20th Century sculptors in Greece but also in France. He was born in 1918 and died in 1995. Coulentianos  studied at ASKT of Athens and then continued his studies in Paris from 1945 at the  Ecole Superieure  des Beaux Arts, the Grant Saumier and under the masters of scupture of the day, Ossip Zadkine and Henry Lauren. He did only but a few furniture piece, but they are at the same level than his sculpture.


Marie Claude de Fouquieres, the 70s in full strength

In 1969, finding no coffee table that pleases her, Marie-Claude decides to create herself one with a top in  polyester resin with inclusions of brass shavings. Her Friends, sometimes famous, are Fouquière first clients.

In 1970 Lacloche gallery devoted an exhibition for her work and the success start soon.

Marie-claude de Fouquière creates, on demand, tables of all sizes, but also objects, lamps, panels, and even a entire bathroom. She works famous with interior designers, David Hicks for the Emirate of Qatar, Alberto Pinto and also Janson furniture for which she creates exclusive models.
Marie-claude Fouquière has fun and his entourage of friends artists pushed her to invent new models, such as a table with plates, glasses, cutlery inserted into the slab thickness, a table with thumbs (hers) , grass, candy, bicycle valves, cork and stone or simple transparency.
In 1977, Marie-claude of Fouquière completely ceases its activity following the death of her husband.


Minimal accessories

There is a line between decorating and curating a space. I personally have little interest with extrem accumulation of objects and prefer a rather edited version of the staging of an interior. But again the balance from warm to austere is very subtil and each details must be well thought of. It is the black lacquer wall, the art on the floor, the photo slightly offset from its center, the brass element or even the volume of the pieces that makes a huge difference.

Home Beautiful


de Lisles




The love story of a chair and a lamp

I love those moment in an interior when one create an intime relation with different elements.
It is the association of the shape and texture, the meeting of a chair, a light and texture that can isolate a small area of a larger space. In all those projects, the careful choices of textile, material and lighting have created a very successful reading area.

Penny Haysc

Marie Claire Maison

Living Etc


FELIX AGOSTINI, quiet and beautiful

No much to find about the life of Felix Agostini. He was a sculptor, he lived in France and created iconic pieces of brass furniture and lighting that are aery, sensual and so elegant.


Hubert le Gall small tables

Le Gall, who mostly uses bronze, draws on influences from the animal world, and says he also gets inspiration from the work of Louise Bourgeois, Francis Bacon and Francesco Clemente.
"But also," he adds quietly, "from my dreams."