Martin Scekely in real life

Szekely believes that objects aimed at the largest possible market - everyday objects that you barely notice - possess a 'power'. In both branches of his work he has been on a 15-year quest to achieve a kind of creative purity - pure functionality. 'My aim is to achieve an economy in the result that can't even be defined as minimalist,' he explains. 'It's something commonplace.'

His furniture / art are compelling in their simplicity, extreme refinement and yet their perfect usability. I love to to see them in real life setting.


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

Intense bathrooms. The detailings are elaborate, very art deco inspired, and extreme glamour. I think I can get inspired in that direction. The balance of the light bouncing around with some warm material could be really successful, I can't wait to try that!


Atelier Areti talks about beauty

Beauty touches us, it speaks to us on an emotional level. We are attracted to beauty... Being sensitive to beauty awakens in us emotions that are important. Someone who never engages in the contemplation and understanding of beauty is missing an area of human perception and emotion. But maybe most important, what is moving about beauty is that it is a strong means of communication.

Thank you Atelier Areti


Just discovered Jason Koharik

The Collected by lamp series is inspired by the beautiful sweeping lines and modeled forms of the Art Nouveau period and early French Modernists. Each lamp is a one of a kind sculpture made with a variety of reclaimed and recycled materials that show age and marks from its maker. Each is hand crafted and hammered in effort to create a unique and nostalgic piece that can settle comfortably in a modern environment. 



BEC brittain dazzled me

I knew of her, but know I know her. We met at the AD show, and I was blown away but her last creations.
You'll find her lights at Future Perfect.


MARK BRAZIER-JONES scary and sometimes genius

I am not a big fan of most of what Mark Brazier-Jones does, but his table collection for Lamberty is stunning. More controlled and edited that the rest of his creations, those tables remind me of  rays of sun.


GO to the NYC20

Today starts at  Lincoln Center the best in 20th century design. NYC20, an exhibition featuring 36 decorative art dealers. I I went last night, it was crowded, inspiring and definitively worth the trip. All the objets are on 1stdibs website and it was great to see the galleries from London, LA mixing with the usual suspects new york dealers.
No time for photos so just a quick selection: